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Searching for Oz’s Ketones

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The man has some power. It’s like as soon as the words fell from his lips, the product fell off the shelves, and the entire city literally sold out in a matter of days. I’m not certain if Dr. Oz is as popular and trusted outside of NYC as he is in, and I admit that until last week, my attention to him and his recommendations were marginal. But as I sympathetically turned away one disappointed seeker after another and provided the returning pursuant customers with updates of the great raspberry ketone shortage, I had to stand up and recognize the impact of this man’s words.

And what were his words? What would send seemingly every Tom, Dick and Jane to the health food and supplement stores? Weight loss. I probed, picked and prodded for something more, some other stated health benefit, but none were offered. If Dr. Oz did highlight other benefits of the fruit component, my customers didn’t hear them. So began my investigation into this now infamously hot commodity.

For Your Information and Mine

In the human body, ketones are produced when fatty acids are broken down and used for energy. Since the majority of our bodies’ energy is supplied by carbohydrate breakdown, the utilization of fatty acids as its primary fuel source occurs only when the body lacks the necessary amount of glucose yielding carbohydrates to sustain its self. Not that ketones are unnecessary, they are in fact essential to the heart and brain, but comparably small amounts are needed by the body to run efficiently; and in excess, they can negatively impact the body’s balance and consequently its health.

Ketone bodies, as this group of metabolic byproducts is referred, are not like glucose. Most excess is not stored in the body for later use but rather broken down and excreted by the body in a matter of hours. Hence the quick weight loss attributed to low carb high fat diets, fasting and other methods that force the body,specifically the liver and kidneys, into a state of rapid and repetitive ketogenesis. And when this occurs and causes the more acidic ketone bodies to accumulate, our blood’s PH is lowered to dangerously acidic levels. A lower blood PH/higher acidic state is not only associated with accelerated aging but actually considered by many health care professionals to be a diseased state.

Now the Diet Hype

Raspberry Ketones 250mg 120 Count

In raspberries, ketones are the compounds responsible for the fruit’s aroma and thus commonly added to foods and cosmetics to enhance their fragrance. In some animal studies, high doses of raspberry ketones have been found to prevent weight gain by increasing the animal’s breakdown and use of lipids (fats, fatty acids and cholesterol). There are several hormones that trigger lipid metabolism and norepinephrine is one. Supportive studies have observed an increase in the release of the norepinephrine hormone from high doses (as much as 2% of the total caloric intake) of raspberry ketones. Ultimately the process of lipid metabolism results in the formation of ketones which, as previously stated, when allowed to run amok can lead to serious health problems.

Currently there are no human subject studies to back up the effects observed in animals, which is reason enough to approach this weight management method as responsibly as you would a thermogenic (fat burner). First consult with your physician, and if your doc okays it then use the product as directed by them or the instructions on the label and don’t be afraid to give the body a break.

The usual 6 days on, one day off cycle combined with a few weeks break after 8 weeks of consecutive use should still be applied to this supplement. And if you select a raspberry ketone product that contains caffeine or other stimulants, avoid taking it within 5-6 hours of bedtime. Lastly, manipulating the body’s metabolic processes does not change the fact that weight management is a numbers game, calories in vs. calories out .And even actual fat burners work better when combined with healthy eating and exercise habits. So keep these in your arsenal for the long haul, looking to supplements for a jump-start or temporary source of support rather than long-term solution.

If you do manage to get your hands on the raspberry ketones, please drop me a line and let me know how they’re work for you.

Until next time, take care, sample safely and…