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Reformulation Alert!- Methyl Hex 4, 2

First and foremost, Happy Autumn to all and thank you so much for your support, your reads and your comments. It has been an amazing experience writing and publishing this blog and I’m thrilled to step into the second year of BeWellWarrior. I aim to keep you armed with the latest on new supplements and wellness trends. And I welcome any questions or concerns you may want me to explore. For now, take a load off and have a look at this recent change to the beloved Methyl Hex 4, 2.

Several posts ago I wrote about the then new thermogenic Methyl Hex 4, 2. This fat burner claimed to increase our metabolic rates, enhance our focus and boost our mood all in a 1-2 pill per day dose. The ingredient most credited with these capabilities was Methylhexaneamine, a supposedly pharmaceutical grade of Geranium seed extract. I speak in past tense because SEI Pharmaceuticals has recently gone the route of other supplement makers and removed this potent ingredient from the formulation.

As previously posted, Geranium seed extract was revered for its nor epinephrine like behavior (elevation of heart rate, release of glucose, increased blood flow to muscles). The resulting energy earned the herb a reputation second only to the once renowned Ephedra. But, of course, in this age of increasing demands and seemingly ever decreasing time, folks, feeling pressured to keep up, once again went overboard.

When I say, “Folks…” I’m not just referring to the consumers but also to the product producers. They are pressured to create a competitive formula that is worthy of those all too familiar tags-most powerful, strongest, fastest working, longest lasting. Additionally, supplement takers have long been pushing back from the multiple pill doses and leaning towards the ultra concentrated 1-2 pill per day trend. It seems only logical manufacturers would need to push the upper limits of otherwise safe ingredients to achieve this potency and keep their customers.

The result is performance enhancing supplements so stimulating to the system that the body and brain begin to crave and inevitably depend on them to gain advantage, increase activity and ultimately productivity. Once that occurs, so does the supplement abuse and system imbalance, which in time may lead to serious injury and illness. This is usually when sports and other governing agencies start prohibiting the use of an ingredient and effectively pull the rug from beneath it, the apparent fate of this controversial ingredient.

English: Bacopa monnieri (syn. Bramia monnieri...
English: Bacopa monnieri (syn. Bramia monnieri, Gratiola monnieria, Herpestes monnieria, Herpestis fauriei, H. monniera, H. monnieria, Lysimachia monnieri, Moniera euneifolia)- Coastal Waterhyssop, Thyme-leafed gratiola, Water hyssop, Water Hyssop, Indian pennywort, Brahmi ब्राह्मी (Hindi), நீர்ப்pராமி Nirbrahmi (Tamil), Jalanevari (Gujarati)- in Hyderabad, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now Methyl Hex 4,2 relies upon Bacopa Monnieri (famed for its memory boosting capacity), D-Aspartic Acid (known to increase insulin release and fat  burning) and Pilocarpus Pennatifolius/Jaborandi (used to increase the body’s heart rate, perspiration and urination) to elicit its energizing and metabolism enhancing effects. I recently sampled the new formula and definitely noticed the difference. The previous version produced a unique kind of brain buzz and uplifted mood with sustained concentration and energy. It was also very effective at suppressing my appetite. The new formulation did not leave me feeling as focused or energized and there wasn’t any noticeable impact on my mood or appetite. Mind you, I previously tried Methyl Hex for 7 days either with or immediately following a caffeinated beverage; and I only tried the new formulation once, hours after having a cup of coffee. The timing of the coffee is important because its inherent ability to perk up the brain and quickly increase energy definitely acts as a booster shot to any fat burner. None the less, I suspect the real difference is the absence of the Methylhexaneamine.

Other supplements expected to reformulate and pull this ingredient include USP Labs’ pre-workout Jack 3d and its extremely popular thermogenic Oxy Elite Pro. Currently you’ll find these products carrying another form of the Geranium extract known as 1,3-Dimethylamylamine HCI. However word on the street is this won’t be for much longer. If you are using any of these products now, I’d suggest pulling back a bit on your daily dosages and use frequency to enable your body to better adjust to the coming formulations. Additionally, these products all recommend a break after 8 weeks of consecutive use. Perhaps now is a good time to take that. In the interim, play it safe out there and as always…

Be Well Warriors!

**Please check out the below links if you have used any of the above supplements and experienced adverse reactions.